The nail journey never ends and it is important to learn from the best. That’s why at the end of February we had a great pleasure to host Anna Kuznetsova in London. Anna came to us all the way from Tyumen (Russia) to show us the amazing nail art technique – 3D French. She invented it about 2 years ago and became very popular. She never wanted to keep it to herself so she started to run classes and reveal the little secrets on how to achieve the look that we see on her photos on Instagram or Facebook.

These couple of days went so quickly, You can’t even imagine how. It wasn’t easy because Anna set the bar very high but it only made us work harder and harder to achieve better results.

Who wants to go on a course that is not a challenge for one?!

Apart from the new nail art technique that we all had to master, there were different shapes too. Each day she took us to the next level from Salon Almond through Pipe, Stiletto to the Gothic Almond. Some of us have never worked with extreme shapes before! But Anna guided each and everyone through all the steps until we got to the end of it.

The results were breathtaking. The best moments were when after filing you took a wipe with a cleaner, wiped all the dust away and you could see the design that you’ve just created. Very emotional times! I could write about it a long story but the truth is that you have to be there to see it on your own eyes and feel it.

People ask: why do you go on another course if you already know what to do?

Well from each class you learn something different. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. There is always something new to learn. Probably some of us in their salon jobs will never do exactly what we’ve learnt. But it teaches you how to turn simple things and simple products, that we all have in our drawer, into something amazing. It develops your creativity and sets your mind to something completely different.

If after reading this short story you feel like you’ve missed out on something well… You did! But don’t worry. It’s not the last time Anna Kuznetsova and her 3D French is in London. For sure you will have a chance to meet this little but very powerful and inspiring person face to face again. Who knows we may also have her own educators in England too!

So stay tuned and keep your eyes open to a new opportunity that could come soon.

Check more about Anna’s designs on her Instagram

Master Educator Mollon PRO Elwira Walczak

Nude colors of Gel de Construction from TIMELESS NUDE collection is the classic that never goes out of fashion and will perfectly suit every occasion. Perfect for durable, spectacular, yet natural-looking manicure. They complement the styling by dress code: from “formal” to “active attire”. Universal, toned colors allow to create delicate and subtle manicure that will give your hands esthetic and neat look.

Gel De Construction UV/LED
■ Professional, three-phase constructing gel
■ Self-leveling, medium-thick consistency
■ Acid-free and odor-free
■ With perfect adhesion
■ Easy to shape with nail file
■ Does not aerate, does not chip
■ Low content of photoiniciators generates less heat while light-curing
■ Elastic formula of the gel – gives possibility to create a tunnel on the form
■ Does not shrink while light-cured
■ Wide range of colors gives possibility of natural nail color correction

Mollon PRO HybridShine UV is a unique colour manicure system, hardened in a UV lamp. The special lacquer-gel formula UV Color Coat enables the use of colour in two types of styling: hybrid and soak-off. It is applied like nail polish, is as strong as a gel, and can be removed in a few minutes. It assures long-lasting effect of the lacquer with saturated, brilliant glossy colour, creating a glamourous effect on the nails. The styling is resistant to scratches, does not rub off, chip, or tarnish, and ensures a natural look for nails after application. It promotes the growth of natural nails, strengthening the nail plate and protecting against cracks and breakage. Hybrid Shine UV Manicure is easy and quick to apply: the base, colour, and top coat are all applied with a brush.

The Luxury Bio-Keratin hybrid gel polish represents a new, innovative technology of UV/LED manicure. The series of polishes is enriched with: KERATIN and BIOTIN which significantly improve the condition of your nails making them hard, strong and preventing splitting. Thanks to special formula, the manicure is resistant to scratches, it does not rub off or chip out. It lasts even up to 5 weeks. Extremely flexible formula guarantees easy application and durability as well as continuous glossy shine Luxury is three – phase system for manicure consisting of base coat, colour and top coat.


Recommended for thin, fragile and damaged nail plate Irreplaceable as the base coat under hybrid polishes and gels. Extremely flexible – it adjusts to elasticity of your natural nail plate; there are no air bubbles or chips, and thus the manicure lasts even 5 weeks. Self-levelling properties and medium-thick consistency smoothes the roughness on your nail plate. Gives the possibility of building a nail plate and C-curve or extending your nails, using a nail form sticker, even by 4 mm. Protects your nail from discolouration. It does not have unpleasant, acrid smell. Equipped with a flat and short brush – thin layer can be perfectly distributed making the base extremely efficient (in the case of standard application / without lengthening of your nail plate). Leaves a dispersive layer.


Nail polishes with a delicate, creamy texture, excellent coverage. They perfectly distribute on the nail plate, and that is why they win the hearts of manicurists all over the world. Self-levelling properties and medium-thick consistency Recommended for thin, brittle and damaged nails Ensure lasting manicure and exceptional colour.


Adds lasting and brilliant shine to your manicure. Brings out an exceptional colour depth and gives the effect of “wet nails”. Extremely flexible – it adjusts to elasticity of your natural nail plate, making it more resistant to mechanical scratches and fading. Seals and preserves the manicure, protects and strengthens it.  There are no air bubbles or chips, and thus the manicure lasts even 5 weeks. Self-levelling properties and medium-thick consistency It does not have unpleasant, acrid smell Equipped with a flat and short brush – guarantees precise, even application, without smudges Leaves a sticky dispersive layer.


POLYFLEXI GEL SYSTEM is the new, innovative method of nail modeling combining the greatest advantages of gel and acrylic method. Innovative, odorless formula, thanks to its consistency, allows to work with the gel as long as you need, without flowing and too early fixing on the nail.

POLYFLEXI GEL is stronger than gel and more elastic than acrylic! Thanks to the modern tube it allows to reduce the product loss – squeeze exactly the amount of gel you need.Easy handling – you can work with it as long as you need. Gel is elastic and durable. Without any strong, unpleased scent.

POLYFLEXI GEL is the professional nail styling product, cured in UV/LED light. Innovative formula guarantees easier application – it can be formed as long as needed. Thanks to its special properties, the gel does not flow on the cuticles.

Mollon PRO Monophase UV/LED Vernis is anelastic monophase nail polish, the revolution in natural nail styling using the light-curing method. The new generation of light-curing photoinitiators enables polymerisation of a nail polish with UV and LED light which considerably reduces the time of manicure. Monophase is the durable styling without the use of a base coat or a top coat – no base, no top, only color and immediateeffect of dry nails. The nail polish is safe for natural nail plate. The manicure is safe for nails.


  • Nail polish formula
  • Cured with UV or LED light
  • 3in1 – base + top + color
  • No wiping after light-curing
  • Does not shrink under the lamp
  • Immediate dry manicure effect
  • Intense, durable color after two thin coats
  • Does not dye the natural nail plate
  • Long-lasting effect of enamel
  • manicure: up to 10 days
  • Express, non-invasive removal in 3 minutes

Recommended for natural nail plate. Can also be used with other stylingmethods, e.g. gel or acryl. Professional, flat brush considerably facilitates application of color.

New, innovative generation of hybrid manicure cured in UV or LED light. Contains Pistacia Lentiscus resin extract with reinforcing and thickening nail plate properties. Applied like a nail polish, resistant like a gel. Manicure lasts even 14 days. Resistant to scratches; removed without
damaging the plate (without filing) – by the use of a remover within 5-7 min. Safe for the nails.


The first on the market hybrid nail polish with Pistacia Lentiscus resin extract!
– nail plate care properties
– two thin coats ensure perfect coverage
– high quality color pigments
– wide range of unique colors
Directions for use:
Mix thoroughly by rolling the bottle before use.
Apply the color like a nail polish, onto a hybrid
base. Apply two thin coats of the color
and cure each for 2 minutes with UV light
or for 1 minute with LED light.