How to buy

1. Visit

2. Select the product and the quantity required

3. Add the product to the basket

4. Basket:

a) enables verification of the quantities of the product added

b) enables further shopping by adding more products

c) enables removal of individual items as well as total emptying

d) enables verification of the final order

5. Proceed to checkout

6. Delivery details

a) First time users provide delivery details by completing the form and then accept the Terms and Conditions. These data will be used for one delivery only.

b) Alternatively, data provided may be saved. This will save your time during your next visit to the store. Tick the button “Save my details” that may be found at the bottom of the page under the registration form. You will then choose your password. During subsequent visits you simply log in using your e-mail address and the password.

c) Previously registered users may log in using their e-mail address and the password.

7. Provide delivery details and payment details

8. Check order summary and confirm the order